What’s an overbite?

An overbite is an excessive degree of overlap of the upper and lower teeth. An ideal bite normally has a degree of overlap, in the region of 1 or 2 mm. However, some patients have a deep overbite of 4 to 10 mm deep.

In these cases, where there is a deep overbite, the patient’s chin can generally appear to be ‘recessive’ or pushed back by the upper teeth towards the jaw joint. Deep overbites generally cause the shape of the patient’s face to be short and round.

There are a number of treatments options.

Invisalign: Retainer-like aligners gradually shift teeth into the correct position. You wear the aligners for no less than 22 hours per day, changing them every 1-2 weeks. Invisalign straightens teeth and can also correct mild overbites.

Braces: Braces are the most common form of treatment for an overbite. It’s a 2 stage process.

Stage 1. Straighten and align teeth using braces.

Stage 2. Rubber bands, coils, and springs are added to the braces to slowly shift the jawline into place. The entire treatment can take 2 years or more.

Surgery: In extreme cases and when an overbite is skeletal, surgery may be required to reposition the jaw. This is more likely to occur in adult patients, as it is easier to shift children’s jaws because they are still developing.

There are varying degrees of overbites and various treatments to fix them. Dr. Hoey can speak to you about the correct option for you. So give us a call today and make an appointment for a full consultation.

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