The advent of Invisalign® now allows you to smile with confidence as it has revolutionized braces.

There is nothing like a great smile, as it not only leaves an impression on people you meet, whether in business or socially, but also ensures that you are able to feel confident and happier during your everyday life.

A wonderful smile, without feeling self-conscious, can now be achieved by choosing Invisalign®, as it removes the need for traditional metal braces and is virtually undetectable; nobody will know that you have an orthodontic problem. The Invisalign® technique is such that you will be able to smile naturally and without thought.

Invisalign® can be used for a variety of orthodontic concerns and – according to studies – can greatly assist with dental hygiene, which will improve during treatment. It is very simple to remove, leaving you free to eat and drink normally and there is currently worldwide, around 480,000 patients who have every reason to smile due to Invisalign®. Not only will the treatment leave you with beautiful teeth, it will be carried out with no adverse effects to your life; the aesthetic benefits are enormous.

Invisalign® is made from a clear material that is extremely comfortable to wear and as there is no metal involved, this alleviates concerns regarding allergies to wires and brackets. The treatment is also very predictable, allowing your dentist to plan in advance and estimate when your treatment will finish – due to the special treatment software. The remedial effects of Invisalign® are also highly visible. As Invisalign® is custom-made to suit each individual, this allows a perfect match to be made for your teeth, which greatly reduces the irritation related to normal metal braces.

Invisalign® is a clinically effective treatment which will ensure that your life will not be affected and your smile will still dazzle.