Dentist vs. Orthodontist: What’s the Difference?

Orthodontists specialise in aligning teeth and jaws, while dentists can help patients achieve a cleaner, healthier smile through cleanings, and fillings.

See your local dentist if you’re:

  • Concerned about your teeth or gums
  • Think you may have a cavity, tooth decay, or gum disease
  • Need to get your teeth cleaned

See an orthodontist if you’re:

  • Your teeth are crooked, misaligned, or overcrowded
  • You have an over or underbite
  • Your teeth affect your ability to chew food or speak properly

An orthodontist will be able to evaluate the alignment of your teeth and determine the best course of action to correct your bite. Only an orthodontist is able to provide a full range of orthodontic treatments and therefore able to treat you with the most suitable clinical option.

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